Milton Caniff uniquely captures the bold bravado of heroic adventurers, gallant friends and beautiful, seductive women through his unique artistic expression intertwined with captivating narrative and irresistible humor.  He is the true expression of Comic Strip artistry, the “Rembrandt of the Comic Strip”.

He delivered a Sunday strip and 6 dailies for 40 years, He had a slang all his own, great stories, charismatic heroes, authentic characters, recognizable, approachable, devious, patriotic, loyal, flawed and lovable, Pinups and GIs that thrilled his many fans. At the The Chicago Tribune New York News Syndicate he created “Terry and the Pirates” - the strip was a huge hit - read by 31 million+ between 1934 and 1946 the year he won the Cartoonist of the Year Award, from the National Cartoonists Society.  


Caniff’s next venture from January 1947 to 1988 was a daily strip with a new protagonist and title character - “Steve Canyon”. He is a very American hero, a  pilot for hire, owner of  “Horizons Unlimited” a one plane air service.  He is a man’s man with an eye for the ladies navigating the world on the side of right, with adventures rich in villains and characters. Great stories, a handsome hero and more than a few damsels in distress -  another Milton Caniff triumph.

Typical of Milton Caniff’s genius and generosity, he created “Male Call" featuring Miss Lace, and donated it to the Armed Forces. It ran from 1942 to March 1946. “Miss Lace”   beautiful, sexy, a little tease and a whole-lotta-woman, a “Pin Up” to set pulses pounding, with attitude and just a little bit of “LACE” is unstoppable - irresistible with a sense a humor!


Milton Caniff’s strips and characters are ingrained in American Pop Culture.

He encouraged young cartoonists, some of his characters became the models for a new generation while his devoted fans, in the US and across the world, young and old, from all walks of life waited eagerly for his next strip, a new storyline and every original character.

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